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Does anyone know were to get the exup deltaboxII stickers

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Does any1 know were to get the EXUP DELTABOXII stickers but I need them in black. Any help would be appretiated
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You may be able to get them through your Yamaha dealer. Not sure though, just a guess. If not through them they may be able to hook you up with some aftermarket ones. They have shit loads of catalogs for aftermarket parts.
I went to the dealership here but they only come in white they told me. I'll probably have to get the original one and go to a sticker shop and have them scan it and make them black. Just didnt want to go thrue all that hasle
When you asked your dealer did you ask for the 2001 model ones??? As if you ask for the ones off of the 1999 red and white. The will be black. As that is what came on my 99'. Its worth a try anyway???
Hope this helps:rock on
Thanks for the advice YZF-R1 Maniac
R1RIDER said:
Thanks for the advice YZF-R1 Maniac
:D Woo Hoo I think i actually helped some one LOL...
Let us know how you go with it...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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