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...for my commuter:D

1st choice: 1997 yzf 600r

"clear title, 22xxx miles, recently changed oil, good starter bike, im just looking for another bike"

asking $3,500 (i'm sure i can talk him down)

2nd choice: 1980 Honoda 400cc

"23K miles! Garage kept, well maintained, good condition. Clear title. Classic, thay run forever. The bike is in excellent working condition. CHEAP ON GAS, REG. AND SAFETY ALL CURRENT.new tiers, battery, well maintained, I put 1100 $ in parts and maintnence, records."

asking $1,000

3rd choice: 1991 Suzuki Bandit 400F

"4 cyl, 6spd liquid-cooled,new tires, runs perfect, very sure footed great for smaller rider. Original naked standard, custom all-white paint, comfortable upright riding position, new tires."

asking $1,500


we meat again
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2000750 said:
You will not have your R1 correct?

That being confirmed...I'd prefer the bandit.

working on that new bike
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my reason is for the bandit.
small, cheap on gas,ins and etc.
a very fun bike to play on still...but does not get recognized as a sports style bike....less chance of the cops really seeing you screwing up on these vs the 600r which will still be viewed as a race-styled and intpreted as bike.

parts are out here for em to hop up still...may have to look some but they are out there as well as having their own forums which will help in finding these parts and such.

and dammit....they are just fun to ride

It's small but it handles well
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I dig the bandit.
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