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Drag coefficient of R1

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I am having trouble in finding figures of the frontal area and the drag coefficient of an R1.
Would anyone be able to help out with anything relative to these topics ?
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frontal area is not bad, but the drag coefficient is not very good , im currently trying to improve mine as im going tothe maxton mile in a april

currently ive filled in the headlights, extended the sides of the fairings out a bit to hide my hands and controlls and im working on installing a hyabusa front fender.

im planning on depending on the rules ( i dont have my rule book yet) permanently attaching the mids to the upper to get rid of seems and cut down on fasteners and modifying the tail so it matches up better to my backside and making a kamm tail out of it

heres my thread


as far as specific numbers I searched for a long time and could not find any


Finally I understand the question, damn what speeds do you guys want to do when looking at drag and streamlining the "semi-streamline" nose ?


i just want 200mph, but at maxton you only have mile to get to your top speed

i have approx 210 hp at the back wheel with no2 so i got the power if i improve the aerodynamics enough i am fairly confident i can get there

ive always wanted to do 200, I always figuired it would be the ultimate trump when people start talking crap about how fast their bike is, just pull a slip out my wallet that says ive gone 200, lol
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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