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How many racers actually put drain holes with plugs in the lower fairings of their race bikes?

It rained at COTA couple weeks ago. My MV only had one 1" drain hole in it as shown here and it still held a fair amount of water with the plug pulled. Thinking maybe two holes are a better idea for race bikes. The current hole is located about in the middle of the lower, thinking of putting another one closer to the front.

Don't have any in the R1 lower - yet. Thinking two holes for it as well. Plugs are cheap enough, I just hate putting holes in the lower, but wet riding has been happening this season and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Never had one of these plugs leak so probably not that big a deal. Once had a SV650 drop everything into a drilled and plugged lower without any problem.

What have you folks done?

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2 drain holes in my previous race bike: was enough for all but the rainiest days, for the current one I'm going to try with 1 hole but I'm expecting having to add another one; we'll see.
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