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Dude I am totally ganna get the Dainese Tatoo jacket. the b/w one at the bottom

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SCHWEEEEEEEEEET!!!! man i think i might buy 1 myself thats a great looking jacket!:rock
Hey Guys,
I bought a Dainese R jacket from Moto Race. com just before Daytona, They were great. Fast delivery, etc. The jacket is excellent, just remember that it is European, IE different size from US, and the zipper is on the left, instead of the right, like women's clothes here in the US. I look like a moron when trying to :iamwithst zip the damn thing with the opposite hand. The jacket is MUCH looser than a same size Teknic piece that I have, although Tek gear seems to run a little tight!!!
i have a tatto jacket...the black/grey color....jacket is awesome,fits great and is well worth the money i spent on iteverytime i wear it i get compliments on it.:cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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