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Hi everybody,
I wonder if any of you have come across this problem before. Yamaha r1 2003 5PW with exup valve removed and a Hayward & Scott custom built under seat exhaust with MV F4 1000 tailpipes and custom built collector boxes fitted.
Started her up first flick of the switch after 4 months down time and she sounds awesome. Fitted the 2nd hand Dyno Jet PC III USB with zero map and latest firm wear updates and ZILTCH! She will not start. Take it off back to stock she’ s OK.
Put unit into local dyno jet centre they can read/write ok put zero map on etc but still no joy. Sent it to Dyno Jet UK they fitted new earth lead checked all maps and firm ware got it back today, fitted it STILL WILL NOT START!!!.
Now I did read that SOME models from the USA like this one are CODED so that a California model will be stricter emmisions than one from new York state etc. Anybody had this happen to them or know what’s going on then info would be appreciated because this is now driving me *)*^$") nuts!!

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