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I bought a 2012 R1 that already has a Dynojet Power Command V installed on the bike, along with a dynojet quick shifter. The quick shifter isn't working, and I know it has nothing to do with the switch itself. I've already put a meter to it, it's working 100% fine, so issue must be in the software (hopefully). Like I don't even know if the Dyno tune is even working, idk this is all new to me.

So I installed the Power Commander V software, got the cable hooked up to a laptop and to the Power Commander that's on the bike. I open the software and it recognizes that there is a device connected to it, but that's it. I'm assuming when whoever installed this on the bike, they downloaded a map/tune onto the Power Commander V device. I just don't see how I can pull it up. The 'Get map' option isn't highlighted to where I can click it, no map automatically pulls up or nothing. Am I doing something wrong or does this bike have all this fancy stuff and none of it is being used?
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