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Ebay chrome wheel exchange

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I am looking to get a set of chrome wheels for my 03 r1. I have ben looking around and getting prices... but so far the best prices I have found are on ebay. I am afraid though that Ill get what I pay for... junk!....

I was wondering if anyone here has done an exchange with any of the guys on ebay? how did the exchange turn out? how what the chrome?

any help would be great-
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i recomend, you contact SpidermanSS, he knows and deals with ppl who chrome plate and powdercoat rims..

also.. i believe you deal directly with him as a middle man..

I found a guy in Florida that does good work. I dropped some parts off at his shop, he's not a middle man, he does the work in house. PM me or email me and I will get you a number.. I have his card in my mess somewhere.. I did see an R6 gas tank they did for a showbike that looked sweet.

[email protected]
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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