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EBC Clutch

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need some help guys
I just put a EBC clutch in my 07 R1, soaked the plates in Mobil 1 over night,did the install by the book. All was good. Then at about 150 miles it is slipping bad. What gives???
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Did you measure the stack height? Did you replace steels and fibres as well as springs?
yes I did. All done by the book
Just a few more obvious questions; The dot lines up with the arrow on the cover when at rest? The 3 spring plates that hold the slipper in were all undamaged (all 3 were broken in mine)? You have a tiny bit of freeplay in the lever (about 10 mm at the end of the lever)?
Yes, All was inspected and in like new condition
If everything was right when it went in and everything external is good, unfortunately I think next step would have to be take the cover back off and visual inspection of internals
What Mobil 1 was used ?
What Mobil 1 was used ?
Good question. Again, might sound obvious but could easily cause this :thumbup
i threw the EBC street racing kit on my 02 03 R1.. brand new and a much much simpler install than current and 04-08 models...

broke them in properly then starting putting power on the clutch a few hundred miles in then a track day and nothing but slippage.. even brand new so i think they just cant handle high power bikes is my conclusion.... best advice is to swap them for new OEM plates and upgrae to higher pressure springs

i wont ever buy EBC again for a liter bike.. sorry man might have to bike the bullet

** side note if you cant swap the clutch anytime soon a slight improvement will come from lowering the oil level a few experts told me before. OBVIOUSLY not enough to piss off the engine sensor but too much oil will cause slippage.. drain some out until the seeing glass has about a quarter inch over the minimum see if that helps..
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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