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i threw the EBC street racing kit on my 02 03 R1.. brand new and a much much simpler install than current and 04-08 models...

broke them in properly then starting putting power on the clutch a few hundred miles in then a track day and nothing but slippage.. even brand new so i think they just cant handle high power bikes is my conclusion.... best advice is to swap them for new OEM plates and upgrae to higher pressure springs

i wont ever buy EBC again for a liter bike.. sorry man might have to bike the bullet

** side note if you cant swap the clutch anytime soon a slight improvement will come from lowering the oil level a few experts told me before. OBVIOUSLY not enough to piss off the engine sensor but too much oil will cause slippage.. drain some out until the seeing glass has about a quarter inch over the minimum see if that helps..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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