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can't take the gixxer on the track??? have you seen any world superbike racing lately? have you ever heard of the 24 hrs of lemans? the isle of man tt? ama superstock? european superstock? the r1 in race trim has won ALL of these championships in the last 2 years with the exception of WSB, yet still finished 3rd overall in its first year back in the class. ahead of all the competition. we make the mistake of thinking ama superbike is the premier class of road racing in the world, since we live in the states, which it is far from. maybe the 4th or 5th strongest series around the globe. please, an ama superbike title is hardly coveted around the world. yes we would love to see yamaha compete here, since we are here, but ama superbike is hardly the toughest class yamaha races in currently.

well said :thumbup
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