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rx7tt95 said:
...and/or they have REALLY serious plans next year when the new 07 R1 comes out and wanted to get Eric now:) Glad to see Eric back on an inline four, especially a Yamaha. Sort of wierd that his brother is taking over the old slot. Drama everywhere. Should be an interesting year none the less. Too bad we won't see much same day coverage on Speed :( We'll have to read about it on SBK Planet.
:iamwithst Secure his services now...as an R1 owner I have no problem admitting that it cant take the Gix1000 on the track...its a fact, and with LE suspension, it makes little diff with Superbike as those bits are modified anyways...

While Id like to see the r1 in superbike, i can wait a year for an all new R1...pansy move, but such is politics
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