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Hey all im kinda new to the forum... use to ride a 03 ninja 636 and due to Hurricane Katrina flooding that bike I just got the 'raven' (why did they name it that) R1 05. Anyway to narrow things down to a point, when im on the interstate cruising in 6th at about 90mph (didnt really check rpm I will next time on the way back from work) I can hear what sounds like valves tapping or something (its REALLY fast and kinda faint) anyway I don't really know the normal querks for this bike so is this what I am supose to be hearing? Oh also it's been about a week since I finished the full breakin today I took her up to 170mph or so on the way home from work... Now my exhaust sounds louder and I am pritty sure it isnt me, so did I melt the cat or something or is that normal too?

PS. Yamaha's own I should got one in the first place instead of the 636. ROCK ON R1! :rock
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