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Engine Rattle and more problems 2016 R1M

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In 2021 I bought a 2016 R1M with 8500 miles on it for $13,000 cash in Miami. 2-3 months later it popped on the highway and after i got off the exit it wouldn't move and it had a rattle near what I thought was the timing chain area whenever i would rev it up. It ended up being a spun bearing #1. Had the bike in the shop in Miami for a year on backordered parts and $5000 later they completely rebuilt it with all new engine parts down to the inside of the crank case assembly.

I moved to Ohio during that time. Once they were done, I had it shipped here in October 2022. I rode it for about 200 miles then put it away for winter. Took it out 2 weeks ago and have ridden another 300 miles. No issues. 500 total miles now on the new engine. I kept it under 6000 rpm's to break in the new engine as per the manual. I was just getting ready to change the oil and filter this week and go the next 500 miles under 8000 rpm and finish the break in period. Today i'm at half throttle doing about 45mph and CLANK then instant rattle on the top. OHH NO! Sounds like the same problem as before but there are some notable differences. I was able to continue about 15 mph but sputtered out anything higher than that on the throttle for another mile or so but the engine light was on with error code 60 which is throttle controller. As expected the throttle became useless (no response). It also is putting out a lot of white smoke from the exhaust. I also noticed what I think is oil in the exhaust but wouldnt that be black smoke? IDK

I tried adjusting the now manual cam chain tensioner they put on to replace the OEM auto one but no luck, still rattles.

I am waiting until Monday to call the shop in Miami and ask what warranty they have on the rebuild but I am almost certain I will get screwed. I cant believe this. I regret getting rid of my Suzuki for this Yamaha. I can't pay another $5K to rebuild it again. It didn't even make it 500 miles this time. FML!

Any ideas?

Video Link to new 2023 issue after rebuild

Video link to original 2021 issue before rebuild for reference
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Sounds like it dropped a valve.
‘good luck. I hope they warranty it.
Leave the oem cam chain tensioner on.

Manual tensioners have to be precise and adjusted more frequently than people think on the cp4 motor

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