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engine rattle, could be exup valve?

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Hi all,

I have been riding an 01 for about 4 months now. its on 33k and i just took it in for a full sec of sparks, valve clearance and oil/filter change. I was told the valves were good and didn't need adjusting, however the pins were raised, whatever that means.The oil was changed to a different oil called Total.
After I got the bike back i immediately noticed a high pitch ticking only on deceleration. It certainly wasn't making the nose before the service. So i took it back and the response was 'we'll take it to pieces but if its not us, your paying'. fair enough, but now i'm stuck with this noise.. one mechanic said someone had dropped a washer down my exhaust pipe. another said it was my cam chain.. another, more experienced said it was my exup valve dying... any ideas?
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It could well be the cam chain tensioner... i have never heard of the exup dying?????unless a cable has broke and it is flapping about
If it was a washer then just remove the exhaust and tip it upside down to get it out.
Is the noise coming from a particular side of the engine???
Maybe the oil is just slightly thinner than what you normally use(hence the noise)
is use 20-50 and man did it quiet it down a lot.... i know its overkill but my engine is getting tired and sees many trackdays
Thanks for your feedback.

The noise is coming from the bottom of the exhaust near those two cables that connect to the exup system. I managed to find a few older posts that talk about adjusting an exup cable that may have become loose. I think that would be my best bet since the noises they described closely resemble the noises my bike it making. It just seems weird that it started making that noise when I got it back from the mechanic. I once had my car sent to a mechanic for an electrical ecu problem and it ended up being in the garage for 6 weeks. Later I found the whole engine had been swapped without me knowing. Its these sort of things that scare me!

When my bike was getting serviced for valve clearance they had it for a week because they broke the gasket on the top of the motor. They said it wasn't them and that heat from the engine causes that to happen.

Anyway. I think I need to learn to work on my bike myself. Valve clearance would be way too tricky but I'm thinking of sticking some of that Amsoil in. From everyones feedback here it sounds like damn good stuff.
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Valve clearance is not all that bad...I did it in a day (once I got the tool that i needed).

Some recommended tools -
taper end feeler gauge (a company called Bike Pro makes a set that just fit into that
middle valve on the 5-valve Genesis engines - everything else is too wide)

a valve lapping tool - basically its a small silicone suction up with a wooden handle..makes getting the lifters out really easy.

a torque wrench...this is a must (you'll end up with an assortment) if you are doing engine work)

a set of vernier calipers help as well, in case the numbers on the valve shims have worn off.

the service manual - this has the clearance table that you will need to reference, and tells you all the bits you need to remove in order to get to the valves.
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