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Well here's my story. I have a 2005 r1. Bought it used off of someone, full graves system PC3, dropped a tooth on the sprocket, and graves velocity stacks.

The Problem I'm having is that every now and then the bike will just cut out. I get an error code 34. I've been reading the forums and it almost sounds like the tps sensor issue people have been having, but mine's a little different. From what i understand about the TPS issue is that if you turn the key off and turn it back on it will work normally again. With my bike i have to rev it as i hit the starter and keep it above 4k rpms to keep it from shutting down.

It also feels as if the bike is sputtering (similar to TPS problem) and the bike will just feel underpowered. When it happens, the bike doesnt start unless i rev it past 4k rpm and it stays like that for a few hours then it will behave for about a month before it happens again.

If anyone has any feed back or have similar problems, please let me know how i can get this fixed. thanks
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