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Hey guys,

I just wondered what the difference is between the european models and yours are. Changed my system from a micron serpent system to a full akrapovic system.

I am running a hotbodies BOX-R ram air box, power comm 3USB, K&N Filter and Akra full system

I want to change my map to suit and I wasn't happy with the map that was made for it at my local dyno anyway after I changed my set-up originally, especially the fact that they had no equipment to set up the ram air.

I am intending to get some graves stacks and slides very soon but need a map now really as the fueling sucks big time, I have a horrible flat spot at about 3000 rpm and I know the fueling is way off when she starts getting some serious speed up.

Was thinking about downloading a map for the american model as there are none available for the european running a ram air box.


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not sure on differences in models, i guess maybe its in the stock ems???
pollution crap???
really what else could be different!!!!!

im running a map from a usa model, only one i found for slide stops,stacks,race filter.
bike runs fine, getting custom map in 2 days.....
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