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Hi All-

I have narrowed down my exhaust choices to the following:

Two Bothers Carbon Fiber Slip On ($815.00)
Graves Carbon Fiber Slip On w/Cat Eliminator ($749.00)

I am leaning more towards the Graves, but I dont really race my bike at the track a lot; would going with a cat eliminator make my stock R1 run wierd? Will I have to re-map the bike so it wont back fire? Can I just install the Graves w/Cat eliminator without having to do anything extra after? What is the better sounding exhaust?

I dont really know how the bike will react after the cat is eliminated, so that is why I need help from those who have removed the cats from their bikes.

Also what do you guys think is the better looking exhaust for a Blue 06 R1?

I know I can probably search the forum for the answers, but correct me if I am wrong, Graves just came out with this set up of Carbon Fiber Silencers w/cat eliminator.

Please help, I will be making my purchase next week.

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Go with the Graves. You dont have to remap, but ur bike will run better/more efficient if you do. Removing the cat wont make a whole lot of difference, it will help a lot with the heat and doesnt hurt in the hp department either. Also Graves sounds a lot better.

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Tough call but I'd go with Graves. You won't NEED to remap. Instead of buying a PCIII you might want to think of buying a cheap set of Smog Block Off plates. From what I understand, those get rid of the popping you'll hear during decel.

I guess you need to think of it this way...Say you get the Graves, and the bike runs TERRIBLE...Then just go get a PCIII and the graves map for $275 dollars :)

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I 've had my Graves system for a while and i don't think there's a better pipe on the market.

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I would go with the Graves. Actually, I did. I'm collecting everything they have available slowly but surely. They race the R1, so they have the R&D invested.

Also, it is a completely great company to deal with. Taige is the best!
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