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My dealer has a program that is $900 (they might come down a little) that extends the warranty for a total of 3 years. It also includes for 3 years:

-oil changes
-tire mountings
-scheduled maintenance
-basically any service labor
-15% off all parts (including tires and brakes)
-"1st in line" privileges (members of this program are taken in 1st for any service)
-if for some reason I need the bike picked up and returned, they'll do it

I kinda like working on my bike (basics), but this deal sounds better every time I read it. Should I get it? BTW, I only have until Thursday to decide! Thanks:cool:

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When I bought mine they made me a simular deal. Unfortuynately the dealership I bought mine from is like 40 miles from my house and there are several other dealerships closer. Basically I didn't want to arrange 80 mile round trip rides every time I needed a service. The other thing is they wanted $1400 for the package. At $900 and if they are close I would do it.


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The expensive service is the valve adjustment and that's at 26,000 miles, that's usually around $250. Doesn't sound like a bad deal if the $ includes parts, the spark plugs can be expensive. The extended warranty alone is probably $500. Being put in front of the line is worth something too if the dealer sells multiple lines, boats, atv's, etc. I know they get up to 4 weeks behind in the summer around here. The warranty is always transferable and you will get some of that $ back in resale of you sold it. I sold my 98 Honda CBR last weeks, the guy chose it over another because it still had warranty on it till June. If your dealer is cool and reputable I'd take the offer too.:thumbup

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Service Offer

Dealers get statistics and know that the life expectancy of a sportbike is very short. Whether by theft, collision or something new coming out, they know that you, most likely, will not have the bike for 3 years. So they make these offers knowing that they will not have to fulfill their obligations, except in a few exceptional circumstances. That is why they get such a good commission for selling these warranties.

You are better off extending your warranty at the end of your factory warranty and put that 900 in your bank, instead of theirs, in the meantime.


How many people bought 00 and 01 R1s, thinking they would keep them for years, and now ride GSXR 1000 or 02 R1s? The number is a lot higher than you think, and it is drowing every day.

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The dealer by me offers that package for about $1100 ($400 warranty + $700 service). I think it's worth it if you have the extra money. I agree with the above post though, you shoul dbe able to put off extending your warranty until the factory warranty is almost up. If you can I would buy the service stuff and delay the warranty. Everytime I brought in a bike for routine service it cost me ~$200 , so its worth it if you don't want to do your own work. Personally I'm sick of the dealer bastards ripping me off and leaving my bike a mess and I'm doing my own servicing from now on.

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I bought the extended warrenty with my bike's be cause of the cost of parts (fuel pump, fuel injector, computer, sensors) I know they won't be cheap if they where to go out. Not saying they will Just a little insurance if thet where to. New bike, first year production, never know .

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i would ask if there is a deductible on that warranty, some of them charge a $100 ded for every repair visit.
Just make sure, its not such a a good deal if thats the case.
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