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Extended warranty with free service, worth it?

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My dealer has a program that is $900 (they might come down a little) that extends the warranty for a total of 3 years. It also includes for 3 years:

-oil changes
-tire mountings
-scheduled maintenance
-basically any service labor
-15% off all parts (including tires and brakes)
-"1st in line" privileges (members of this program are taken in 1st for any service)
-if for some reason I need the bike picked up and returned, they'll do it

I kinda like working on my bike (basics), but this deal sounds better every time I read it. Should I get it? BTW, I only have until Thursday to decide! Thanks:cool:
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When I bought mine they made me a simular deal. Unfortuynately the dealership I bought mine from is like 40 miles from my house and there are several other dealerships closer. Basically I didn't want to arrange 80 mile round trip rides every time I needed a service. The other thing is they wanted $1400 for the package. At $900 and if they are close I would do it.

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