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Extended warranty with free service, worth it?

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My dealer has a program that is $900 (they might come down a little) that extends the warranty for a total of 3 years. It also includes for 3 years:

-oil changes
-tire mountings
-scheduled maintenance
-basically any service labor
-15% off all parts (including tires and brakes)
-"1st in line" privileges (members of this program are taken in 1st for any service)
-if for some reason I need the bike picked up and returned, they'll do it

I kinda like working on my bike (basics), but this deal sounds better every time I read it. Should I get it? BTW, I only have until Thursday to decide! Thanks:cool:
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The expensive service is the valve adjustment and that's at 26,000 miles, that's usually around $250. Doesn't sound like a bad deal if the $ includes parts, the spark plugs can be expensive. The extended warranty alone is probably $500. Being put in front of the line is worth something too if the dealer sells multiple lines, boats, atv's, etc. I know they get up to 4 weeks behind in the summer around here. The warranty is always transferable and you will get some of that $ back in resale of you sold it. I sold my 98 Honda CBR last weeks, the guy chose it over another because it still had warranty on it till June. If your dealer is cool and reputable I'd take the offer too.:thumbup
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