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Hey hows it going guys,

I know you all are probably thinking why is he selling fog lights on the forum. I am fabricating a new upperfairing and I was going to put the fog lights as my head lights but I changed my mind. I am trying to put a ram air inlet on the front and the fog lights are just to rectangular for my specifications.

Well these are the *NEW* fog lights I purchased and I want to get rid of them because I have no use. I will pay for shipping this item.

Here is a description of the lights.
PIAA 1400 Series fog lamps. This kit goes over $237 plus tax at local retail stores. PIAA's 1400 Series Fog Lights are the smallest dichroic reflection fog lamps you can find. The dichroic reflection offer the brightness and intensity of HID lights at a fraction of the cost. The dichroic reflection allows the bulb to run cooler than bulbs of similar wattage while the 55 watt bulb projects a beam as bright as an 85 watt bulb. Part NO. 1490 - Platinum Series Clear Fog Lamps (chrome). Bulb Type 12V - H3 55watt Halogen The kit includes two lamps, wiring harness, relay, and switch

Please feel free to PM me anytime. These lights are top of the line bar none. I can't stress how awesome these lights are. If I didn't have such a dinky truck they would have been already installed. I bought them for $250 (taxed) but I will get rid of them for 190 obo. I am losing money to get rid of them.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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