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I initially looked into the Factory Pro covers with the integrated sliders, at the time I also looked at NRC & Creations Engine armor.

I decided to go with the Engine armor after talking to a couple forum members, and kept it on for a couple seasons.

I recently did some more research and decided to try the Woodcraft stator cover, after talking with several forum members who use them regularly on the track. I liked the design of replacable skid pads, mounted from the inside (to prevent shearing) :yesnod

Besides there was just too much CF in that area, on my bike anyways. The problem I ran into thou was for the 02/03 R1, Woodcraft had discontinued the black ano option. Gregg came to the rescue & anodized it for me, with great follow-up & turn around time :rock

Wish someone made a billet clutch cover, I'd seriously consider it, but until then the engine armor stays on it, along with a clutch slider & race pegs :yesnod

PS: the Yamaha Racing logo has been removed, since the install photo, was just too busy looking, besides the TI casing bolts dress it up enough :yesnod


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