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Congratulations on February 2013 BOTM to drjak for his beautifully transformed 2009 corner carver. Your build is a case study in patience and determination. Thanks for sharing.

The Story-

In 2002, the week before CE won the WSBK title at Imola I bought a RC51 (SP2). I had wanted one since it was released, more like lusted. I spent the next 2 years eating ramen and macaroni to build her. For 2 years I was in motorcycle heaven. I took the RC to the track every couple of months and hit the twisties every single weekend. That bike and I were as synced up as it gets. In 2006 I fell victim to unemployment. My industry had started tanking in 2001 but I had been spared from it until then. I was out of work for a looong time and was forced to sell. I listed it on a forum and it sold in an hour. A week later a guy flies in, pays for it in cash, and rides off with my baby. I was devastated. Right before all this went down I was sourcing a spare engine, bodywork, and was working for myself.

The years that followed were tough. Employment, unemployment, employment, unemployment. The co's that were hiring, the only ones, were very volatile and I ended up working for several companies that no longer exist. I had bought and sold another bike during this time due to the ups and down then disaster struck. My best friend of many years, who had been on kidney dialysis for years had a heart attack in the middle of the night, went into a coma and died 48 hrs later. The loss was massive. I don't have much family and his family had become the family I never had growing up. It fvcked all of us up three ways to Sunday. I had actually moved back to TX to help his parents take care of him as they were growing old and he would need rides to dialysis, hospital and doctor visits, etc. He was on a list for a new kidney but they are tough to get, and all the problems dialysis caused, along with all the meds had taken their toll. The day he passed, I had gone back to the hospital to see if there was any change in condition and all you could see was the white of his eyes and a machine hooked up blowing air into him that would cause his whole body to rise out of the bed. It was painful to see, crushed me, and taught me to cherish every day I get on the Earth because nobody gets out of this alive.

Shortly after my company I was working for went belly up and laid everyone off who wasn't there 10+ years. It was at this time that I thought of my friend who had recently passed and got determined to get back on my feet, to find "that" motorcycle, build it to better than the RC to replace the RC.

During all this, the crossplane R1 had been released. As a big fan of GP, and V4's, many of us had begged Honda for years, for a 1000cc V4 sportbike. I gave up on Honda delivering that and decided to buy my first Yamaha after riding one. Power delivery felt the same as my old V4, except heaps more of it, and I was hooked. I took only a 10 minute ride on the thing and knew it would be "the" bike. I joined the forum, heckled my local dealers for months and finally got a call from a salesman offering a leftover '09 for $8500 new but the price was only good for that day. I signed the paperwork on it an hour later and spent the next 2 years sourcing used parts from this forum and buying new only when I couldn't find what I wanted used. Somewhere around 50/50 parts used/new.

The Mods-

Ohlins RT Forks (thanks Steve!)
Ohlins TTX Mk2 Shock
Sato Suspension Link
Ohlins Steering Damper
Oz Piega Forged Al Wheels
Leo Vince EVO II Full Exhaust (Ti Cans)
15/43 AFAM 520 Sprockets w/DID ERV3 520 Chain
Lightech Chain Adjusters
Brembo HP Front Rotors
Brembo HP Front Calipers
Brembo RCS19 master cylinder w/lever
Brembo Matching Clutch Lever
CARROZZERIA GP BREMBO Rear Caliper Relocator Kit
MM GP Spec Ultralight Rear Rotor
Spiegler 950 Custom Front S/S Lines
Rizoma Rear Resevoir (15)
Graves Upper Velocity Stacks
Graves Lower Velocity Stacks
Euro Airbox Mod
Removed AIS
Driven AIS Block Off Plates
Evotech Swingarm Sliders
Evotech Front axle Sliders
Motovation Clutch Sliders
Motovation Street Frame Sliders
Rizoma Engine Guards
Delrin Swingarm Spools
Cox Radiator Guard
Graves Countersprocket Cover
Tyga Carbon Fiber Front Fender
Cleverwolf Carbon Fiber Rear Race Hugger
Valentino Rossi autographed Rear Seat Cowl
Saddlemen Track CF Seat
Tekarbon Carbon Fiber Side Tank Panels
2012 Upper Triple Clamp
FT Flashed ECU
Philips X-treme Vision H7 bulbs
Custom LED Tail Light
Custom LED Flasher Relay
Watsen Flush Mount Signals
Shorai LFX-18 Battery
Dan Kyle Clip-Ons
Dan Kyle Clip-On Bar End Weights
Rizoma Rearsets
Rizoma Racing Pegs
Lightech Gas Cap
Zero Gravity Corsa Windscreen
Rizoma License Plate Bracket
Pro Bolt Rotor Bolts Front
Pro Bolt Rotor Bolts Rear
All bodywork and Wheels Clearcoated


Love that Crossplane...
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I absolutely LOVE what you've done with your bike brotha! Great story and I envy your tenacity and patience. :thumbup

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nice Ride very well thought out and done:rock

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Beautiful bike! Well done! Your story is great and heartfelt. Glad you built her!


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This bike is sick! I had no idea you had such a sweet machine drjak, where you been hiding her? :D

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Very nice build

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Lovely build well deserved, the story attached to the bike brought a tear to my eye
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