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I called the dealer on Monday and they said it was in the warehouse. I drove out their right away and told them to have it ready for Yesterday. I am in Toronto so temp. isn't the best but it wasn't going to stop me from taking it home.

When they rode the bike out in front of the store my jaw dropped. It is a sexy aggresive looking bike. The sound is definetely deeper and louder than previous years. I only rode the bike for 10kms to my house so there was no chance to push it or take any nice turns but from the short distance of riding, I was completely satisfied with the feel. I had a 99 R1 which I traded in and these are two different bikes. The gearing is something to get used to. It is hard to get the bike past 2nd gear because of the tall gearing. The bike does handle much much better than the old models and the cluster is amazing.

If anyone is having doubts in their purchase or contemplating switching up to one from their older R1, don't hesitate. It is worth every penny.

I rode my bike into my family room right next to the t.v. I prefer to watch the bike.

Yamaha did a great job.
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