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seniors, what make of oil and filter do you recommend for my 2000 r1-done 1200 miles, its due for the first service and obviously its DIY,any suggestions.

bhargavsridhar Dude
First service is due after 600 miles.Not 1200.
Are you sure your 2000 R1 Has 1200 and not 12.000 miles?
Any way I would recommend a good NON SYNTHETIC oil and Yamaha filter for a bike that has only 1200 mile.
Now if your bike has 12.000 miles I would recommend a good SYNTHETIC oil.


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I'm pretty sure about the mileage mate no extra 0 its only 1200 miles,I bought it a few days back,and the previous owner hardly used it and it wasn't serviced either,so come on SENIORS give me some tips.


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