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Hey guys, gonna be hitting the track in June on my '05 R1. I'll be taking the orientation and have been studying technique and theory, so I'm not so worried about that, but my questions are about the financial side.

Apart from the entrance fee, what costs can I expect?

Will I run through a set of tires in an 8 hour session? I'm usually ahead of the pack on the streets when the road gets twisty, but I don't expect to be much beyond a beginner's level for my first track day. I'll probably be dragging knee, but nothing crazy.

I'll be bringing my own gas, since I think at the track it's $5+ per gallon.


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Depending on your pace you shouldn't run through a set of tires in the day... If they are take-off's you might be pushin it towards the end of the day, but by then you are usually worn out and exhausted from all the riding done earlier in the day. I usually run take-off's at the track and run at a high intermediate to low/mid advanced group pace and can usually get 1 full track day outta my tires.

As for the costs I'll just name the things that come to the top of my head. You decide what you need and don't need.

Tires, gas, oil, food, WATER, snacks to munch on throughout the day, pictures if there is a photographer present.

That's about all I can think of for costs... Assuming you have the stuff that will make your life easier at the track like: EZup, Generator, bbq, chairs, ice chest, etc.

Most importantly, go out there and have fun!

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I set aside $50 for gas and $50 for food. I always bring plenty of cash to race weekends, because you never know what take offs or parts will be for sale in the pits. One mans used up tire, is another's brand new tire. :D I haven't been able to use up that second tank of gas yet, so I usually buy at the track. One track has a station right outside (but still on private property) so gas is normal price, although they do have VP100 and 108 if you want to drop $8-10 a gallon. The other track has gas onsite and it is not too bad ($3-4 a gallon). Saving $10 in fuel costs isn't really worth it to me to carry a 5g bomb in the back of my truck or in the trailer.

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When I first got to intermediate I ran 7 days on a set of Bridgestone BT003R/S and then switched to a race tire and would run a rear for 4 days and a front for 8. If you're blowing through a set in one day you got problems.

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A lot of variables. Are you on a street tires or track/race set? In any case you will not wear a set on one track day. Even the softest rears will last at least two track days (even if think you are fast on the street) unless you have a suspension issues which you will find out about very quickly.
Stay upright and have fun.

There usually is a suspension service/setup advice available on most of the tracks. Use it. It will make you safer and save tires.

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Don't forget to have fun! Also, sunblock.. the sun got me at hard at my first track day.

Did my track day on my Angel GT's, but I feel like I would have been faster on better rubber. Angel GT's probably lost 1000km of mileage in a day but nowhere close to worn out. (4 hours of track time for the day)
I'll be running race takeoffs the next time around.
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