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I know this would be better posted in the help section but I thought some might want to see that wouldn't if it was there.

I recently had my second tach go belly up. The needle was stuck at about 5K (no, it's not an exup problem). Funny thing was that if I banged it sometimes it would start working for a second. I dug in...

I semi figured out how it works and it's more or less a servo. So what happens to a servo when you take away the sin or cosine signal? It sticks in one position.

Looked at the board and found the point where the coil of the tach is soldered and it was other-than-a-good solder joint. Re-soldered it and bingo, working tach. Looked at the first tach I replaced and it had the same poor solder joint. Bet I could have fixed that one too (I've long since scavenged it for parts so there's no helping it now).

So dig out those old broken tachs and see if this works. I attached a crappy pic of the solder joints to fix.


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