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Hello everyone. I’ve tried to find a similar post of this issue but didn’t find any directly.

So my issue is very strange. I’m gonna try to describe it as smooth as possible.

If I turn off the lights and turn on the turn signals, the light indicates on the instrument. If I turn on the lights and also the parking lights, the indicator stops flashing on the instruments.
Otherwise, the turn signals work as usual. Only the indicator does not work when the lights are on.

Have also tried replacing the instrument with an r1 99. But the problem remains.
tried to change the 20 cm cable but the problem still there.
I’ve tried to squeeze the cable around the white connector and se if it’s a bad cable with no result.

Here is a video from we transfer site

all tips are good tips. I hope someone could help me out here.


Is there anybody out there?
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1. Weak battery or charging system.
2. Corrosion on big white connector under left fake carbon piece or corrosion on speedo connector. Any corrosion would reduce the Voltage going to the indicator on the dash.
3. Corrosion on main switch which would also reduce the Voltage on the indicator.

How is your main ground wire? Does the problem happen with the bike running?

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