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Flasher Relay for Greggs flushmounts and Blaster X tailight

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I just got my Blaster X integrated taillight from tobefast :) My flushmounts blink very fast so I assume my taillight will do the same thing. I found an old thread saying you could buy a 3 dollar "Thermal Flasher Relay". Does anyone know what kind will work on the 07?

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Hey SlasherMcGee,
Thanks for supporting my products. Check with McCoy's about the flasher relay situation. I don't recommend using a "thermal" car relay. They don't seem to work on the bikes as well as they did back in 2000. I think that Custom LED has a flasher relay that is a really nice unit and will allow you to adjust your flash rate to your preference.

Check out www.customled.com or tobefast.com
I agree with Gregg, the Custom LED flasher relay is very nice with the adjustable pattern.
I have the Gregg's front flushmounts (still waiting on the hardware from McCoy's) along with the BlasterX tail light snd experienced the same flashing problems it sounds like you're having. I installed this flasher relay (piece of cake) and everything is back to normal.

Hey guys will these led flashers work on a 99. I have an led turn signal light set customized in the rear fairing above the tail light and it flashes very fast sometimes, and sometimes not at all.
Will the flasher relay work for the blaster x tail light too. Or just the flushmount blinkers?
Both, and get the flasher relay from Clear LED I have it and it works great.
Thanks. I bought Gregg's flushmounts and the relay from a fellow forum member. I was waiting and hoping to find someone on the forum wanting to part with the blaster x tail but I if that doesn't happen soon I'm just going to buy a new one.
send a PM to SPEEDSNICE i think he is getting rid of his if I remember correctly
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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