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flat tire

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i had my first rear flat tire on the R1. Did not have any tools and any way to fix it.

From now on, i will cary a plug and a way to inflate the tire.


is a pump you can buy

and then you can strip it down to


It might fit in the r1 luxurious trunk, along with my flat tire plugging thingy,my small chain oil can, and some slime sealant.

Now i have a brand new set of pirelli dragons on my bike, and im very busy right now sanding the chicken strips off.


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Yep, got a flat tire myself when I was in spain practising stunts. Great fun buhuh. Lost a whole day because of that and half of the next day just finding a place to change the tire at. Oh well. it was great fun. Not.

Got it just after I landed a 3rd gear wheelie down the highway.. pretty long one. I actually felt some odd while I was wheeling so it must've happened during the wheelie.. err.. anyhow. I never trust these "plugs" you put in the tire. They can pop out and you can get a nasty crash of that. Just ask "Brinnutmc".. he crashed due to an exploding rear tire on his R6. Nasty crash. Very nasty.

I will from now on always use quality rubber.. gotta protect yourself :lol
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