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Yep, got a flat tire myself when I was in spain practising stunts. Great fun buhuh. Lost a whole day because of that and half of the next day just finding a place to change the tire at. Oh well. it was great fun. Not.

Got it just after I landed a 3rd gear wheelie down the highway.. pretty long one. I actually felt some odd while I was wheeling so it must've happened during the wheelie.. err.. anyhow. I never trust these "plugs" you put in the tire. They can pop out and you can get a nasty crash of that. Just ask "Brinnutmc".. he crashed due to an exploding rear tire on his R6. Nasty crash. Very nasty.

I will from now on always use quality rubber.. gotta protect yourself :lol
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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