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Hey whats up, i know there's alot of 04 posts and i know there's tons of people in line for the 04 r1's, what i want to know is where i can actually go and talk to people about cutting a deal without being treated like an asshole for wanting to get a deal without being bulls'tted around for hours. I'm looking central/south florida regions, but north is cool too, just tryin to find a nice dealership that wont try to rape me in price on a bike.

i would like to get one by end april the latest, let me know


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I've had good luck with Savage. I sent my neighbor up there and he's Bulgarian and he was treated great and no bullshit like at Barney's. If you want a steal i suggest you try the dealer in the northeast corner of Miss. Can't remember the name right now.

If you end up going to Savage and getting the 04 tell them Tampamax refered you. They will not know who i am but will as soon as you tell me you got it. Then i can go pick out some goodies in the parts dept.

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Sky PowerSports of Lakeland
Sky PowerSports of Lake Wales

I believe they are starting out ther at $10,500.
Tell'em Glen sent ya...

In Lakeland=ask for Kevin or Bob.
In Lake Wales= ask for Dave...
Good Luck:thumbsup

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Forget Sky Powersports. :fact They will charge you full retail plus
all the B.S. fees that go with it. That is unless you know someone.
They got all they could out of me when I bought my '02 YZF 600R
at the Lake Wales location. When I asked for a free helmet all
they would do is give me a 100.00 credit towards one. That's it.
I'll never spend another penny on a new bike with them. Yeah,
they were nice and all, but no breaks what so ever. If I were you
I'd call Lake Hill Motors in Miss it's not that far of a drive. I think
they are selling the '04' for around 9200.00 OTD. Of course you
will then pay the tax when you register it in Florda. After it came
time to sell my YZF 600R I knew I was not going back to SKY
Powersports, so I bought out of state for my '03 R1 and saved
1300.00 for a 8 hour drive. Don't give in to those dealers who
make you pay for freight, prep and delivery. Shop around.
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