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A local dealer had a dyno shoot out on Saturday. My buddy shows up on his '01 ZX12. He wasn't going to run, but a Redline Oil rep conviced him that he would get a free oil change if he ran a before and after to see how many horses he gained with Redline Oil. ;)

So.... My buddy agrees. He was runnin' regular kawasaki oil 10W40 and pulled 162hp at the wheel. Gets his oil changed to 20W50 Redline Oil. A little thicker, but the rep swears he will get an increase. Jumps back on the dyno and pulls 159hp at the wheel. :( The rep starts giving excuses about the change blamin' my friends bike.

So anther guy steps in with his bike, same agreement and guess what? 3 horses lost again. Rep is not seen after this. :lol Not bashin' Redline, just tellin' a funny story about a dumbass rep. They only had 20W50 and so they put that in and the rep assumed that there would be a hp increase. Obviously not. Oh well, my buddy got a free oil change and a good laugh. :)

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wew,pretty impressive...-3hp from a grade of oil?!!

lol,i wish i could have seen that rep face...i bet he got his lesson wrong back at the base and was trying to show off a little...hehehe

btw,back in early 99 a bunch of guys(a big one) had engine troubles with red line products...

just a tip.
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