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Good evening people..

I have an issue with the right signals.
I've installed a Evotech tidy tail, followed the instructions, manual doing it. With the ignition on, the signals work fine. But once I start the engine, the signals on the right stop working after one blink (if I turn the signal off and use them again, they blink once again) while the signals on the left don't have any issues. Could it be a shortage, or maybe a resistor problem? Are there any resistors in the original wiring? The manual said to "cut away a piece of the wires, leaving enough to connect to them." In the screenshot it looks like there could be some resistors in the wiring I've cut off, but I can't check the original wires because they are long gone (yes, I did test after installing. But didn't ride until a week after installing.) Is there anyone who might have an idea or has encountered the same/a similar issue? Thanks in advance ✌

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