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i"m considering to put a 120/60 front tyre to my R1(pirelli evo super corsas)with 190/50 rear (same brand)
cause with the 120/70 tyre hit the intercooler when wheelies come down fast..

now the Q.

how much does it effect handling of my bike (2k1R1)
i fitted a öhlins st.damp. to it too..so i"m not so afraid of tank slapper as now..

i want to do some track days on year 2002(15-25 times)
and i don"t want to give my buddies a half second handicap of my tyres...

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on the track, the turbo will be your handicap...:)

I don't know, maybe if doing this you should go down to 180 in the back, this way you would match many 600cc set-up, but I never tested it, just logic

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