This was a custom ordered kit that took over 7 months to arrive from Monster Fairings. I ended up selling my bike before they arrived. As you are probably aware, Monster Fairings are regarded as the highest quality aftermarket fairings available by many. I can see why, these pieces are very sturdy and well-made. This kit is a mix of matte white (painted) parts and gloss black (painted), the parts are not just primed. I also ordered the full tank cover, so no matter what color your bike is, no painting of OEM parts will be required to completely transition to this color scheme. The only logo's on the parts are the Yamaha symbol on the tank cover and tail piece. I can ship the set but it will be expensive so a face to face is preferred. If shipping is necessary, I will work with you on it. This set has never been installed and is perfect. You get it all, full fairing kit, dark smoke windscreen, universal bolt it, extra heat shield foam and it includes the rear cowl section with foam bumper. I am a new member here but have extensive feedback on a variety of other forums under the same username. I'd be happy to supply more pics if needed.

I can also be reached by text: 440-796-4381