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As much as I hate to do it I have to sell my baby. Life dealt my family and I a curve ball and this will help get through it.

Here are the specifics/mods.

2004 Red R1 with 8900 miles.
Puig Double Bubble Smoke windscreen
Fender eliminator
Greggs short stock smoke lights
2-1/4" stainless steel race baffles were installed in the stock cans. Maintains the stock look with deeper more throaty sound.
All services completed by the dealer.
At the 8000 mile service I switched to Repsol synthetic oil, replaced the air filter (with stock) and the front and rear were shod with new Michelin Pilot Powers. (Stock sizes)

The bike fell over once. I was moving it around my car like I have done a hundred times. This requires me to go into the grass. When I was coasting back up onto the driveway the front tire slid on the edge and the bike fell over. I don't even think I was going 1 mph. It left some scratches at the top of the fairing and on the back of the right mirror.See pictures.

The bike runs great and I really don't want to sell her but sometimes, I guess we have to do things we don't want. God willing I will have another bike sooner than later.

I am asking $7900.00


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