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I am selling the below parts. If anyone needs any off this stuff, shoot me a PM with your shipped offer price. This stuff is just laying around in the garage and I just wanna get rid of it quickly. If you need pix let me know and I will post them in the thread.



-Rear Fenders with Turn Signals (2004-2007)
-Stock Windscreens (2004-2007)
-Stock Windscreen Painted Black (2004-2006)
-Rear Brake Caliper, Rotor, Rear Brake Master Cylinder (2004-2006)
-Rear Brake Caliper, Rotor, Rear Brake Master Cylinder (2007)
-Chain Guard w/ Rear Fender (2004-2006)
-Brake and Clutch Levers (2004-2007)
-Stock Taillight (2004-2006)
-Stock Brake Lines (2007)
-Clutch Cable (2007)
-Throttle Cable (2007)
-Matte Black Right Mid Fairing with attached Shift Red Piece (2007)
-Stock Exhaust Headers and Mid Pipe (2007)
-Rectifier (2007)
-EXUP Motor (2007)
-Gear Shift Rod (2004-2007)

Engine Parts
-Starting Motor (2007)
-Oil Cooler (2007)
-Oil Pump (2007)
-Transmission Parts with Front Sprocket (2007)
-Pistons, Rods and Rings (2007)
-Camshafts, Camshaft Chain, Tensioner (2007)
-Oil Pan (2007)
-Clutch Bastet, Clutch Boss, Cover, Plates and Fibers (2007)
-Oil Pump (2004-2006)
-Oil Cooler (2004-2006)

Non-Bike Parts
-Pit Bull Stand Flat Swingarm Adaptors
-Michelin Pilot Power 120/70-17


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