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I recently purchased an as-new entire 15-19 <EDIT> (turns out it's a 2020, I'm an idiot) </EDIT> R1 front end assembly just to get the headlights, to actually install on a FZ-10.

Assembly came with the DRL lights and they are indistinguishable from new. My understanding was this all came off a bike being converted to race spec. I have both left and right side DRL lights.

US part numbers - as found at Babbitsonline parts catalog for 2020 US YZFR1LB
22 Pilot Light Assy 1 - (L) - B3L-84301-00-00
24 Pilot Light Assy 2 - (L) - B3L-84302-00-00

Markings shown on lights
22 Pilot Light Assy 1 (L) - 9YD
24 Pilot Light Assy 3 (R) - 9Y7

I believe these to be the same between UK and US as I verified the same parts were globally identical when I thought it was a 2016-2019 assembly
The second half of the SKU number (8430x-00-00) is the same as the 2016-2019 parts, so maybe they're actually the same?

Both DRL lenses have the following numbers stamped into them - 50R-0035147 KOITO 212-7105F

I don't believe that any of the above will make enough of a difference to corrupt your bike and make it want to drive on the other side of the road.
However, it may start talking funny and correcting your grammar if left to its own devices ;)

Lenses and plastic housings are unmarked and as new. Any marks you see in photos are either greasy paw prints from taking these photos, dust specs, or internal reflections from the weird zigzag pattern inside the lens, or the sheer curtains and windows screens these were photographed in front of.

I have a fairing upper these lights came in. It has two cracks in it which I repaired. Given that this is an inner assembly they might not be visible once on the bike.

Body, Front Upper 2 - B3L-2835H-00-00

Left DRL - $80, has a pigtail which the right one doesn't and is slightly more expensive from Yamaha.
Right DRL - $70
Both DRLs- $140 shipped USPS priority mail
Fairing assembly - Free with the purchase of one DRL - you pay shipping

Terms and conditions:
Available for cash on collection in NYC, if so desired - the fairing is going to be expensive to pack and ship - its reeaaally fragile :cautious:
Prices exclude shipping.
I will ship, however, payment must be made in advance via paypal.
I will only ship to the address listed on the PP account. No redirections.

Thanks for looking!


marking L.JPG
marking R.JPG
lens L.JPG
lens R.JPG
top side L.JPG
top side R.JPG




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