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What r1 year and exhaust does this Graves fit? No one is going to buy something for their bike without knowing if it will fit or not!

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2015 R1M with the Graves full titanium super bike exhaust and carbon fiber silencer

Silencer Baffle DB Killer Nominal 58mm, Adjustable Length. Condition is Used.

Custom built from aluminum and galvanized steel especially for the Graves full titanium super bike exhaust which was way too loud for the street or the track. Makes an absolutely HUGE noise volume difference. The length can be adjusted to effect different volume and tone. The baffle did not effect the rideability at all but then my R1M has autotune so that may be why. Your mileage may vary. I could feel a power loss, much of which is likely psychological, but power loss should not be a surprise considering the output flow difference. For me, it was either sell the bike or quiet it down. This was the inspiration for this custom baffle. The baffle can be easily removed when you want to let 鈥榚r rip.

An Allen set screw (鈥済rub screw鈥) allows tube length adjustments and an Allenhead bolt secures the baffle to the silencer.
1.) Drill a 1/2鈥 hole through the silencer鈥檚 outer shell to accommodate the allenhead bolt. I drilled on the bottom where it鈥檚 out of sight but still clearly viewable for baffle hole alignment.
2.) Drill a smaller (1/4鈥) hole concentric with the first hole, through the metal inner muffler, allowing the allenhead bolt to pass through to the threaded baffle.
3.) Insert allenhead bolt and tighten using a 6mm Allen driver.
4.) Plug the 1/2鈥 outside hole with the included rubber cover plug (this is what Akrapovic does on certain silencers).

Sold as is w/ no returns so please measure for your application very carefully. Turn (machine) to a smaller size for other applications. Yup, it ain鈥檛 pretty. However once installed, only the flat black outlet shows and it looks like a factory job.
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