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Domino grips are now available to purchase through www.motomillion.com

Made in Italy.

Used and proven by many MotoGP teams, Domino grips are one of the best grip choices out there for your motorcycle.

Two models available, XM2 and the MotoGP grips. Both are dual compound, the XM2 is softer than the MotoGP grip and is perfect for street use and the occasional track day. The MotoGP grip is the ultimate choice for your track bikes. They are intended for track use, however still a great option for the street as well.

MotoGP Grips

XM2 Grips

Available in 6 different color options. Black/Red, Black/Gray, Black/Green, Black/Yellow, Blue/White and Gray/Black.

How much?
- Domino Grips are ONLY! $22.75 USD with the forum discount code at checkout R1FORUM-Q3
- Fast and Free shipping within USA
- Affordable and quick shipping options for International buyers.

How long till I receive my product?
- Only 1-3 Business days within USA!

How do I purchase?
- Domino MotoGP Grips: https://www.motomillion.com/products/domino-motogp-dual-compound-grips
- Domino XM2 Grips: https://www.motomillion.com/products/domino-xm2-dual-compound-road-grips

Will it fit my R1?
- These fit all year Yamaha R1 motorcycles.

Do not hesitate to PM me if you have any questions.


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Better than renthal??
Being actually used on some MotoGP bikes should be a testament to how good they actually are. But then again, grips are very personal, meaning not everyone might not be looking for the same feel, but Domino has been in business for a very long time, and are extremely popular in Europe.

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One of the best grips in the business, made in Italy and at your door steps within 3 business days!
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