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OK guys, up for sale is my baby: Springfield XD-.45 ACP 4-inch model (service pistol) w/ all original papers, case, hardware, mags, everything! I bought this new a few months back, but need the money because of trackdays coming up at JenningsGP! :) ONLY 200 rnds. of clean Winchester FMJ 230gr target ammo has been fired flawlessly through the gun at an indoors range. ***has been cleaned a total of 3 times, once when brand new, once after 200 rnds, and once again 3 days ago, i am anal retentive about stuff guys lol! I only use Wilson Combat Synthetic lube for all my guns. This firearm will be dearly missed but i want to do trackdays this winter so this beautiful, MINT condition XD 45 must go!

***Disclaimer for Gun Squids*** If you haven't read the reviews or heard of/know of this gun, you are behind the curve. This is an extreme heavy duty service pistol. It, hands down, is better than any Glock, thats why i bought it! Everyone knows it, there is no denying it lol.

I am gonna let everything go that is pictured: ***except the AMMO!*** The extras included are the Tritium night sights (new/unopened) and the Blackhawk Paddle/Belt Retention Hoster (meaning someone cannot grab it off your hip very easily, you have to press a plastic part on the holster while drawing the weapon out.)

*Remember, i have to ship to an address that has a FFL License. Unless you wanna pick it up in person. I prefer Paypal but will take a certified cashiers check, or cash in hand of course.

PRICE: $580 shipped That is me eating the Paypal 3% fee and covering any shipping charges incurred (48 states only)

**Feel free to PM/e-mail me any questions you might have, but PLEASE DO NOT Ghey up my thread, thanks! e-mail address: [email protected]

***Also remember, if you buy the gun in person from a dealer somewhere, you WILL PAY the applicable State Sales tax, so this is giving you a definite tax advantage.

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