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Looking to tune on my own. Have a 2010 r1 engine. Need to turn off ais, o2, and do a drastic gear/speed change.

I want to datalog with my wideband. Do either the ftecu or woolich offer datalogging?

Is there other flashing software I should look at?


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Im not sure about what is available exactly for the 2010, as I never owned that model. There are some really big threads on the forum about FTECU which DO cover your model in significant detail though if you look them up. I believe the big thread is based on FTECU.

I can offer you two things to consider - firstly - this thread is one I wrote after using FTECU, then switching to Woolich on the same bike in the last couple of years - thread is here:

secondly - I just bought a 2023 R1 and after getting jerked around by local companies that sad they can flash for me, decided I would go with Woolich again (side note, my previous experiences with Woolich were when I lived in New Zealand - I have since relocated stateside, and have now experienced both purchasing, and technical help from Woolich on both sides on the world)
The woolich Kit I have on now (purchased within the last ten days and have since done three flashes) enables data logging up to 80 hours of riding at a time. you can take that logged data and use it to Autotune your bike after each ride to dial everything in, the wideband sensor and controller reads data and saves it to the log box.
You will need to work out exactly what functions are available from each supplier for your specific model of bike, so I suggest sending an email to each with a list of your questions.

My personal experience is that I overall like Woolich more, then major point being that I have found, (on both sides of the world) that Woolich have exceptional support, and I really value that.

I hope this is of help to you, and by all means balance my experiences against the experience of others too when making your decision.

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99.99% sure the 09-14 ECU is not capable of live data or data logging like the 15+ is, no matter what flash device you use.

Check the Flash-Tune FAQ, and you could look at my thread if you want to see how I ended up doing data logging.
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