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I'm not sure how accurate this thing is meant to be but...

My fuel light comes on at about 160k's (city riding) I can ride it for about 40 more before I get scaredand fill it up.
I can fit in about 12 litres - the tank is 18 and the reserve (light) should kick in at 5 litres left.

Bottom line is my light comes on. I do 40 k's and (by my maths from how much fuel fits in the tank when I fill) there is about 6 or 7 litres left when I pull up to the service station - The light shouldn't even be on!

Hope that makes sense.
Is there a way to adjust when the light comes on easily or should I just allow for the light when I'm riding?

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I never trust that light......I figured that I have over 30 miles from when it comes on..Last week after 6 miles from when the light went on I ran out of gas and had to push it to the gas station!!!!!
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