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Hello everyone.
Nice board you’ve got here!
I’d like to get some of your professional opinions (free of charge) on my situation.
I’m fairly new to motorcycles. I’ve had my FZR600 for a year now, and am getting pretty bored with its power pretty quick. I have a financial opportunity to move up to a bigger bike right now, and would LOVE to get the R1. The styling and the handling (from what I’ve heard) of R1 are unprecedented!
Now, I realize that going from a 600 to R1 in just one year of riding experience maybe a big jump. But, I REALLY want the R1. I guess, if nothing else I could always go for the Gixer 750, as they seem to be very potent bikes as well.
Just wanted to see what you all think?!
Don’t hold back on me…

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oh we won't

I would try serching this forum for similiar threads :fact

you don't know how many times this Q's has been posted:eek:

go for it .. but just remember to be responsible:thumbup

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I did the change from an R6 to an R1 in two years. With just over 5k on the R6. I think that it is do able. I have yet to push the R1 to it limits yet still on my break in period. But the two bike ride completely different. Take different line around turns, and break points are different i.e...for just a few.

Get an R1 and it doesn't have to be new either, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!:rock

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If a friend of mine can make the transition from a CBR600 to a GSXR1300 Hayabusa in the space of 8 months then it's certainly possible for anyone.

His CBR600 was his first bike; although admittedly he is a damn good rider.

Bear in mind I'm in Ireland and the roads here are extremely bumpy and uneven and there's lots of rain and ice and snow and shit in the winter.....

It's all down to the individual. As long as you're willing to spend a few months taking it very easy and not pushing yourself but instead getting used to the power at your disposal and riding intelligently you should be fine.
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