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BRITISH engineering company AKA Design has revealed more details about the g-racer concept bike it will unveil at the NEC show next month.

The radical new machine is intended to be capable of going both on and off-road, but with a level of performance that shames any other multi-purpose bike.

Thanks to an adjustable riding position and suspension, the g-racer is designed to show how a bike of the future could be as effective in the desert as it is on the road.

The concept is inspired by the idea of a " Global Challenge " – a round-the-world race along the lines of the Gumball Rally. It has been backed by gadgetshop – a chain of shops selling high-tech gizmos – whose bike-mad chief executive, Jonathan Elvidge, has competed in the Gumball Rally.

The latest details show that the g-racer’s purpose-built 140bhp 1200cc V-twin motor will use Yamaha-style five-valve cylinder heads and will be bolted to an electronically operated automatic transmission with four settings – heavy off-road, light off-road, road sports and high-speed. These settings will be replicated by the suspension and riding position, which will also be adjustable for the same four modes. Even the mudguards move up and down depending on the mode.

In keeping with its all-purpose idea, the g-racer features such concept bike favourites as a global positioning system and satellite navigation, as well as a helmet-mounted head-up-display which incorporates a night-vision system.

Of course, with such complex electronics, the bike will make some heavy drains on its electrical system – so to help out the alternator the bodywork will incorporate solar panels.

And if it all goes cactus-shaped in the middle of the Sahara, there’s a traditional magnetic compass to help you find your way home.

The chassis is conventional – at least compared to the rest of the bike. It’s an extruded aluminium design, though with titanium reinforcement – as used on the new Gilera Supersport 600.
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