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What is the shelf life of gasoline? I have heard it starts to go bad after 30 days unless it is mixed with fuel stabalizer. Anybody know how long it takes until it turns to varnish?
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How about Sunoco 100 Octane Cam2 gasoline? If u use higher octane gas will it last longer? And also, performance wise, will U gain a few ponies filling up the R1 wit 100/octane? What type of gas do u guys/gals use? I generally put Sunoco Ultra 94 but on occasion I fill it up wit Cam2. Will I harm the engine in anyway if I only use Cam2? Is this a bad thing, what octane do the superbikes use? I know i'm rambiling but i'm try'n 2 get all my ?'s out in the open!!!

Ur turn>>>>>>:confused:
Lemme get this str8....

Filling up ur tank wit Ultra 94 is good, but filling it up wit Cam2 isn't unless ur gonna race ur bike all day......right? I think I got it now......TY Scud...c ya @ the gas station..

Ohh BTW, over here in Fort Lee there is a Sunoco station where i get my Cam 2 and the octane is 100.... ur Sunoco sells 2 types of octane Cam2, thats amazing....wanna try 110 Octane sometime soon.. I think u do notice a difference though!!!!!!!!:thumbup
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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