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What is the shelf life of gasoline? I have heard it starts to go bad after 30 days unless it is mixed with fuel stabalizer. Anybody know how long it takes until it turns to varnish?
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higher octane it NOT the answer...

Cam2 comes in two grades- 105 octane and 110. it is in excess of 5.00/6.00 a gallon (repesctively) high octance gas DOES NOT LAST AS LONG as say Sunoco 94 (which quite hoenstly is ideal sportbike gasoline) and the cam2 not only burns longer, but burns HOTTER which can cause you to do more damage than good especially during "around the street" riding where lack of airflow (I should say "cooler, high-speed airflow" does not aid in cooling the engine.

cam2 is attractive to alot of guys because it represents the essence of "racing" gasoline...the difference is most guys are not racing - when you can't figur out why you're actually running worse or buring up piston rings, sooner or later you'll figure out that it's because you're not racing - you're street riding hard. big difference.

Just as you wouldn't want to use street tires on the track, the opposite also applies, you wouldn't necesarily want to use track tires on the street - because you wouldn't get them up to operating temperature (most likely- not trying to start a debate here)

Don't get me wrong - I run cam2 OCCASIONALLY on the days when it's balls-to-the-wall ballistic riding (usually on week days on sunned up warm roads but with not-overly-hot air and with no cars[a la weekdays]) but I do not recomend you run it regularly for street use, and Sunoco 94 or comparable 93/94 octance gas is penty enough. As for shelf life - what the **** are you doing, running your own petrol distellry>? you run low, you fill up your tank at the gas station - I myself don't keep gas other than for my lawnmower - it's not wine and doesn't age any better!!! Lawnmowers aren't really as mobile as bikes, so that is a reason to keep gas on hand. Bikes should get fresh gas from the station- then there' no worry abou varnish.

my .02
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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