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What is the shelf life of gasoline? I have heard it starts to go bad after 30 days unless it is mixed with fuel stabalizer. Anybody know how long it takes until it turns to varnish?
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Higher Octain, usually burns slower.....so in some engines that spin quick it can hurt in everyday driving......My Rx7's prefer 89 over 93, unless I am dogging them.....I like to run Cam2, or Turbo Blue, or 100 low lead AC in the bike, cause it smells so damn good....:crash

Seeing how Indiana has a low standard of living......our cam2 110 oct is $4.35 a Gallon...:butt

But then again, there are more than 2 grades of Cam2, or any other racing fuel.......and since I live in Indy, I can get them all!!!! :rock

You just have to know where to get it.

And FYI, when I run it for the smell, its a mixture of 89 oct mid grade shell, with the racing fuel, just enough to get that sweet smell.

The 100 lo lead small plane fuel is the best for it though, it has a lil hint of lead in there to keep things nice and cool :bash

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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